We are DataNepal.

We design data visualization application, api services.....

Data Visualization

We provide geospatial and data analysis services, turning raw data into useful information to acquire real feedback from dataset. We also provide data visualization services utilizing modern frameworks to build fast, agile, modifiable visualizations.

API Service

We design, build, and maintain Application Programming Interfaces that provide meaningful data to private and government clients looking to either make data more available, useful, and meaningful to their users, be they private individuals or the public at large.

Web Application

We design and develop web services and applications that are both usable and utilize modern technology to be agile, powerful, and secure. We assist in the design of computer user interfaces so that developed technologies are as useful as possible.

System Architechture

We provide system administration support, architecture analysis and hosting solutions both on physical and in the cloud allowing clients to leverage modern technology to improve their infrastructure and performance. We also help database optimization.

Our Latest Work

Election Visualization

Election Portal helps visualize 2008 and 2013 election results in interactive way....


This visualization show known earthquake in Nepal.

Gender Population

Visualizing Male Vs Female Population per district based on 2011 Census Data

Census Visualization

Regional population distribution in Nepal based on caste and ethnicity. The graphics is based on Census Data 2011

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